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A Bit About Us

For over two decades, collecting beautiful homewares and showcasing them throughout our 6 unique West Australian stores, has been a passion and a privilege for our family run business. Through carefully considered overseas procurements of authentic quality pieces, we aim to impart to our clients a passion for collecting items that can be cherished for countless years. Furthermore, we have designed our custom made contemporary range of furniture in our overseas workshop and take pride in supporting Australian homeware designers; Bonnie & Neil, Lightly, Salus and Armadillo & Co. These ranges effortlessly compliment each other, achieving an interior that reflects the relaxed West Australian way of life. When obtaining one of our locally or internationally sourced pieces we hope that you will be inspired to continue to grow your collection that suits your own unique style.


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Our gift vouchers are redeemable at any one of our five stores and are valid for 12 months. To purchase a voucher or create a registry for an event please contact us or simply drop in to your nearest store.


Delivery will be arranged with you once goods have been paid in full and are ready to despatch. We deliver within the Perth Metropolitan and Southwest areas, if you live outside these areas you are welcome to arrange your own courier service.


All orders require a minimum 30% deposit, which is non-refundable. For our range of Mango wood products the approximate lead-time is 12-14 weeks. Whilst we make every effort to carry out this time frame, it is subject to change.




The timber from our signature range is sustainably sourced from older non-fruit bearing Mango trees, thus making way for new saplings to flourish. This rejuvenation process provides extra income for farming communities. Each piece of this dense wood furniture exhibits colour variations; generally a golden brown once lacquered, although it can also display a mottled grain in diverse variety of yellow, blush and grey.


Teak is a hardwood with a coarse texture and stunning grain. Its durability and strength make it particularly suitable for outdoors furniture. Over time teak will naturally mature to a silvery grey colour if exposed to sunlight.


Timber is a natural material, it is important to understand its unique properties, which should not be mistaken for flaws. All elements, materials and finishes vary and therefore have to be treated and maintained differently.

Though here are some loose guidelines to help maintain your timber piece:

  • Regularly wipe timber with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Wipe up spills immediately and in general avoid contact with liquid. Abrasive and chemical concentrated cleaning products are not recommended.
  • Avoid exposing furniture to excessive heat such as positioning near fireplaces, or in direct sunlight and placing hot dishes directly onto your piece.

For any specific requirements or enquiries, please contact your nearest Empire store.